Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Window Drafts !!! 5 Ways to insulate it…

Are you facing problem because of Drafts? If your house gets cold in the winter, means it’s time to take a step to insulate your drafty windows and doors. Aluminium door window manufacturer are here with a small- guide solution.

Add a vestibule: If your front door opens directly into your living space, you can add “A petite glassed in version”  that would not take too much space and would allow light to pass through. It will also protect your interior from wind blowing.

Hang superthick drapes: You can hang thick fabrics drapes on your walls. If you feel more cold start with blinds or shades and layer heavy drapes on walls.

Casement windows: When we talk about the insulated windows then we should also focus on its style. Some of the common window types, that include single- and double-hung and sliding windows, tend to leak a bit of air.  So Casement and fixed windows provide the tightest seal.

Add functional shutters: Bermuda shutters is very helpful in case of drafts, as it can be opened in summer season and shut in winter to block drafts and to protect from winds.

Windows insulation films: Windows insulation kits are easily available in market that include plastic shrink film that is applied to the window frame with double-stick tape, then heated with a hair dryer and remove any wrinkles..